Simple Hindi Dialogs
Version: 14-01-2002

Copyleft Notice

Feel free to copy, modify and use this (these) document(s) for non profit purposes only. Just let me know and make a reference to the original page. This dialog was made originally by Samudra Vijay.


  1. To view this page as intended, your browser needs to support ECMAScript (Opera or Konqueror will do fine). The preferred operating system is Linux. If you use Netscape under Linux it may be possible that to hear the sound samples you have to edit Preferences-->Applications-->description:audio/mpeg-->suffixes:mp3 -->handled by: /usr/lib/RealPlayer8/realplay "%u"
  2. Look at a sentence first and try to read it.
  3. Move your mouse pointer over the sentence but DON'T CLICK and watch the english translation.
  4. Look in your status bar for the "modified" Itrans-version of the sentence, the only modifications I made to real Itrans are the brackets to show vowels which should not be pronounced and the omission of ## signs before and after question marks, brackets...
  5. Click on the speaker icon to hear the sentence spoken real slowly.
Ravi 1
Lalita 2
Ravi 3
Lalita 4
Ravi 5
Lalita 6
Ravi 7
Lalita 8
Ravi 9
Lalita 10
Ravi 11
Lalita 12
Lalita 13
Ravi 14
Lalita 15

Thanks to

Avinash Chopde for developing Itrans, the people from the hindi yahoogroups for correcting my mistakes, Stefaan Willems for answering patiently my incessant queries concerning ECMAScript and last but not least Samudra Vijay for making this dialog and lending his gentle voice for the sound samples.

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