Some questions about the clever bird
Sentences taken from the New York University Virtual Hindi course to practice reading Devanagari script, Hindi or Itrans.


  1. To view this page as intended, your browser needs to support ECMAScript (Opera, Konqueror or Mozilla will do fine). In fact any graphical browser which is W3C-compliant should work.
  2. Look at a sentence first and try to read it.
  3. Move your mouse pointer over the sentence and watch the English translation, I have provided two translations: a word for word translation and a translation in natural English.
  4. Look in your status bar for the "modified" Itrans-for-Hindi-version of the sentence, the only modifications I made to real Itrans-for-Hindi are the brackets to show vowels which should not be pronounced.
  5. If you click on the phrase a little window will pop-up with extra information concerning the vocabulary and grammar of the sentence.
  6. Click on the speaker icon to hear the sentence spoken.

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Thanks to

Avinash Chopde for developing Itrans, the people from the Hindi yahoogroups, especially Amber, Vinay and Muurtikaar.

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