A Door Into Hindi
Lesson One
Sentences taken from the course "A Door Into Hindi" by Afroz Taj to practice reading Devanagari script, Hindi or Itrans. Of course Afroz Taj is not responsible for any mistakes I made.


  1. To view this page as intended, your browser needs to support ECMAScript (Opera or Konqueror will do fine). If you use Netscape under Linux it may be possible that to hear the sound samples you have to edit Preferences-->Applications-->description:audio/mpeg-->suffixes:mp3 -->handled by: /usr/lib/RealPlayer8/realplay "%u"
  2. Look at a sentence first and try to read it.
  3. Move your mouse pointer over the sentence but DON'T CLICK and watch the English translation, I have provided two translations: a word for word translation and a translation in natural English.
  4. Look in your status bar for the "modified" Itrans-version of the sentence, the only modifications I made to real Itrans are the brackets to show vowels which should not be pronounced.
  5. Click on the speaker icon to hear the sentence spoken.

Preliminary note

In the dialog you'll hear the Hindi word for "tomatoes" pronounced as TimaaTar, I have written and transliterated it also that way, however this is rather a dialectic pronunciation of the word, a more common transliteration and pronunciation of the word is TamaaTar.
1 speaker
3 speaker
4 speaker
5 speaker
6 speaker
7 speaker
8 speaker
9 speaker
10 speaker
11 speaker
12 speaker
13 speaker
14 speaker
15 speaker
16 speaker
17 speaker
18 speaker
19 speaker
20 speaker
21 speaker
22 speaker
23 speaker
24 speaker
25 speaker
26 speaker
27 speaker
28 speaker
29 speaker
30 speaker
31 speaker
32 speaker
33 speaker
34 speaker
35 speaker
36 speaker
37 speaker
38 speaker
39 speaker
40 speaker
41 speaker
42 speaker

Thanks to

Avinash Chopde for developing Itrans, the people from the Hindi yahoogroups for correcting my mistakes and of course Afroz Taj.

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