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There are more than one billion Muslims on earth. This religion has - in the same way as Catholicism - a universal vocation and tries to establish a theocracy.

There is, in the Koran that has to be read absolutely! - and in the Sharia (religious law) a series of ideas that are against the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: inferior status of the wife, but also inferior status of people who are not Muslim and are living in a Muslim territory.

Muslims are not allowed to change religion (if you do so, you can be punishable by death penalty in an Islamic country). Judicial penalties like flagellation, amputation of a hand or a foot, or even stoning are enforced.

A « cultural shock » is not a purely theoretical view. How to avoid it ?

With a greater international solidarity in the sharing out of the wealth.

With an international protection of the liberal and lay intellectuals in Islamic countries.

With the opposition to any sects and any religions.

With the promotion of a new and universal religion that advocates freedom, tolerance, fraternity and joy : Unitheism.


(A manuscript about this topic is being presented to many publishers. If the manuscript were not published, the entire text would be available on this site.)


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