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Capitalism has got the better of the socialist hope and triumphs everywhere.

And yet, this economic system is :

Immoral: it allows the one who owns capital to buy the work of the one who does not own capital. Because of capitalism, the values of the Stock Exchange are more important than any other values. It allows some people to become very wealthy, and sometimes wealthier than some states. The managers of multinationals, who earn what thousands of employees earn in one month, have resort to big-scale tax evasion. They can condemn to economic death entire regions by closing perfectly profitable firms because they do not guarantee maximum profit.

Anti-democratic : Capitalism gives economic power - fundamental power - to people who have not been chosen by the electors. It imposes its goals to the political power.

Inefficient : Capitalism is inefficient as far as collective enrichment is concerned. Contrarily, it is surely efficient for millions of owners in the world. It makes millions of people redundant.

A new left, which is questioning this system, is about to born. It already exists as a group of associations, organisations, parties, unions that have to clearly define their goals and their strategy of political fight.

The very first problem to be solved is that of the permanent control of any power. As far as accountants are concerned, the companies must favour complete openness and a cadastre of fortunes must be established.

Just men of every country ; unite ! Right now !

The song of victory of capitalism already looks like the swan song.


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