>>>> In : Le Grelot ,1896. <<<<

« Trésor, le devoir m'appelle encore à une réunion.
- Veille à ce que tout le boulot soit fait à mon retour à la maison !
- Compris ? »
« Schat, ik moet nogmaals naar een vergadering.
- Zorg er maar voor dat al het werk gedaan is als ik thuis terugkom !
- Begrepen ? »
« Mein Schatz, das Pflichtgefühl ruft nochmals auf zu einem Treffen.
- Mache dass du fertig bist mit dem Arbeit wenn ich heimkehre !
- Verstanden ? »

« Sweetheart, duty calls to another meeting.
- Make sure that the job is done when I come back home !
- O.K. ? »

Bulldog Winston could not help laughing, and barking :
I have no problem with my bitch !


Critical comment :

Barking dogs seldom bite,
but politicians need votes,
and those at their service need money,
so they all are on their good behaviour
towards feminism :

But this does not prevent them from
being churlish with their own wives !


information about feminism

According to extensive inquiries made in the European Union (1999),
96 % of people think that women are victims of violence at home
due to drug abuse or alcoholism of men,
while 79% mention unemployment as another cause,
and 75 % more precisely social exclusion as well as poverty.

Of course, opinions are free. But only facts are sacred.

What those people think about beaten women certainly
refers to a part of the social reality they know about,
just like Victor Hugo when he wrote
Les Misérables.

But there is no indication that the percentages expressed above
are in fact that high in reality.

To be sure, we all know poor people, sometimes with many children,
but who do not perpetrate acts of violence at home.

The inquiries furnish no proof that those people are nowadays
a minority of 25 % or even 4% in the European Union,
among the so-called lower classes.

The inquiries express nothing more than the opinions of people
asked about the causes of violence against women at home.

Moreover, how many people were women,
to ask as well as to answer the questions ?

What was the social condition of both groups ?

And how are we to assess the value of their opinions
when they were not involved, but merely repeated the views
already expressed by newspapers and television ?

There is a constant discrimination towards men
when only women as victims of beatings
are considered in the media.

Men are embarrassed when they are beaten up by women :
they don't want to admit anything about this before other men
because by so doing they are ashamed,
or made to feel like women or infants.
The prospect of ridicule scares them.
Therefore they suffer in silence,
sometimes for years.

So, there is a big miscalculation in always presenting
the relation between man and woman as a relation of
a potential brute to a potential victim.

You can also encounter personages like
Gerda, Helga or even Hyacinth, elsewhere than in movies.
When it happens daily at home, it is a no less painful torment
to undergo than if caused by a man to a woman.

The International League for the dignity of mankind
lays claim to justice between gender, that is to say
it points out that there may be no discrimination :
men have the right to be protected
against injuries caused by women,
e.g., their hysterical craving for domination,
paranoïcal self-esteem, nymphomania,
and insatiable spirit of revenge,
just like women have the right to be protected
against brutish and other bad actions of men.

So, if feminism is understood (first sense)
as a claim for equity and protection
against violence at home or elsewhere,
there is of course no discrimination of men involved.

But if feminism is understood (second sense)
as an attempt to establish
a worldwide matriarchate over men,
there is no respect for equity, but a challenge
which is sometimes very provocative of
grown-up men and their specific reactions.

Mutual respect is part of a good education.
(second sense) does not provide for this.

Moreover, what happens to the children
when their mother is absent most of the time,
and when their father who is physically and emotionally
or mentally abused, has to do everything ?

The above-reproduced illustration from Le Grelot (1896)
gives a good resume of the situation
created by that
(second sense) feminism.

Children are unhappy at home when their mother is
not very affectionate and close to them,
but is on the contrary often away at meetings,
and when their father is a poor (beaten) slave
without the expected parental authority.

Since they have no feeling of a what a normal family is,
children in such a situation sometimes escape from home...
and become victims of various predators.

The media are not objective when they do not recognize
(second sense) feminism as one of the major causes
of child abuse, abduction and exploitation.

By the way : in the U.S.A., according to a survey,
« 1.8 million women suffered assaults from a husband or a boyfriend,
but two million men were assaulted by a wife or a girlfriend. »

Source : the "Journal of Marriage and the Family",
Vol. 48 (1986), pp. 465-479,
item 61 in the bibliography at the end of the Webpage

You will find a bibliography
as well as good online resources
about feminism and battered men
on the above mentioned Website.


The International League for the dignity of mankind
objects to feminism in so far as it also destroys
the values of family and education at home.


For the dignity of mankind, one can join crusades
against child abuse, abduction and exploitation