In 1966 Gene Roddenberry has unleashed a new myth to mankind. It was full of ugly dwarves (Klingons), mysterious elves with pointy ears (Vulcans and Romulans), and brave humans facing unknown dangers. It was the perfect mixture of adventure, western, humour, drama, fantasy and reality. It was the first real science fiction show in an exciting time of travelling to the Moon, and beyond. It was :

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To that myth this hall of the Museum is dedicated.
How many series have been made ? And how many movies ?
In what year did these come out ? Were they good or bad ?
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The phenomenon through the years

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Tasha YarData and Scotty.

Gene Roddenberry's universe was a reflection of his world. There are the Americans (the Federation and her Starfleet), the Russians (the Klingons with their ghulags), the Chinese (the Romulans) and the Brittish (the emotionless Vulcans ; otherwise known as "the puppets of the Federation"). Star Trek made the boldest dreams and the worst nightmares of any man or woman come true. What happened in Roddenberry's life before the creation of this universe ?

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