Mallon's book on the 1896 Olympic Games

The data on these pages are completely according to the excellent book by Bill Mallon and Ture Widlund:

"The 1896 Olympic Games - Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary", Jefferson NC, 1998.

Included Sports and Events

In contrast with 1900 and 1904, there is no discussion about the true Olympic nature of the events conducted at Athina in 1896. One event, the 100m swimming for Greek Sailors, is very strange according to later criteria, but it is generally accepted that it may keep its status.

Errors in Mallon

This is the list of errors that have been reported and that Bill Mallon has graciously allowed me to present. It is the on an errata sheet that has been published in the book on the 1920 Olympics:
page section error correction reference
18 places won omission James Connolly (USA-ATH) : 1 1st, 1 2nd, 1 3rd 1
8 with 3 9 with 3 1
33 34 1
66 100 m Heat 2 AC 4. Eugen Schmidt DEN
5. George Marshal GBR
80 note 123 addition see below 3
84 RR, 2nd Goedrich August von Goedrich
92 Par Bars Hillmar Georg Hilmar
92 Hor Bar Hillmar Georg Hilmar
93 Vault Hillmar Georg Hilmar
93 Pom Horse Hillmar Georg Hilmar
94 Hor Bar Hillmar Georg Hilmar
95 Par Bars Hillmar Georg Hilmar
98 Military Rifle 8. A. Baumann 8. Albert Baumann
105 1200 m Katravas N. Kartavas
108 Men's singles 5. E. Rallis Evangelos Rallis
109 Men' doubles 4. E. Rallis Evangelos Rallis
110 note 6 addition see below 4
note 12 addition see below 5
126 AUT - CYC
Schmal A
addition Schmal, Felix Adolf
Schmal A
addition Schmal, Felix Adolf
127 DEN - ATH
Schmidt E
100 m
4/h2r1/2 2
128 FRA - FEN
Perronet J
addition Perronet, Jean Maurice
129 GER - CYC
Goedrich A
Goedrich August von Goedrich
Hilmar G
Hillmar Georg Hilmar
130 GBR - ATH
Marshal G
100 m
5/h2r1/2 2
132 GRE - SHO
Levidis N
addition b. 25 August 1868
Metaxas A
addition d. 1937
133 GRE - SHO
Theofilakis I
b. 1882 b. 1879
Katravas N. Kartavas
Rallis E
E. Rallis, Evangelos
134 HUN - GYM
Kakas G
addition b. 1876 - d. 1928
Wein D
addition Desiderius "Deszö" Wein (b. 19 January 1873)
135 SUI - GYM
Zutter L
addition Zutter, Jules Alexis Louis
Baumann A
addition Baumann, Albert
136 USA - SHO
Paine J
addition Paine, John Bryant

1 James Connolly is not listed among the winners of 2 or more Places.

2 In the 100 metres, second heat, 4th was Eugen Schmidt per Danish 1896 newspapers, Politiken and Dannebrog. By default, George Marshall was then 5th.

3 Danish sources from 1896, notably Politiken and Dannebrog, do not corroborate Olympiadebogen. They state that the best Dane was Holger Nielsen, who threw circa 23 metres.

4 (6-2, 6-2) This score is from Boland's personal diary, the results unearthed by Heiner Gillmeister.

5 (5-7, 6-3, 6-3) This score is from Boland's personal diary, the results unearthed by Heiner Gillmeister.

One more error

On the website of the OlyMadMen it is revealed that fourth in the Free Pistol finished not som Leonidas Morakis, but in fact Nicolaos Dorikos, who also came third in the Military Pistol. There is one less Greek Shooting competitor though this change.

Unknown Competitors

Next we come to the "unknown competitors".

When counting the competitors, it is immaterial whether or not we know their actual names. In counting the unknown competitors, I have followed Mallon:

My handling of the unknown competitors is as follows:

In total, there are 49 unknown Greek competitors, to add to the 176 known ones, brings us to 245

Total Competitors

My total of 245 competitors is equal to the number given by Mallon in the Olympdex, plus the 49 unknown ones.

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