Mallon's book on the 1906 Olympic Games

The data on these pages are completely according to the excellent book by Bill Mallon :

"The 1906 Olympic Games - Results for All Competitors in All Events, with Commentary", Jefferson NC, 1999

Included Sports and Events

There are no major problems with the exact determination of which events in Athina are Olympic and which are not.

Known errors in Mallon

The following errors have been accepted by Mallon:

In total, this makes for 844 competitors, where Mallon arrives at 847.

Very Probable errors in Mallon

In the following cases, Mallon does not accept a correction, but I believe he is being far too cautious:

I have listed both as "doubles".  This brings my total down to 842.

Unknown Competitors

There are no "unknown" competitors from 1906.

Mallon states that only in the 100 m free-style swimming he is not 100% certain of the names and number of competitors.

I have decided not to add a single "unknown" competitor to the list

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