Full Olympians - introduction

You have reached the site "Full Olympians" by Herman De Wael.

In this site you will find all the results of all events during all the Olympic Games. (although it is still under construction)

Here is the main page of the site. Use the "back" button of your browser to return to the page from which you came.

Here is a small explanation of the presentation of the results:

A typical result is listed as:

Antwerpen 1920

  1. (6400=7400) Charles Paddock (USA/1920-24)

This means that Charles Paddock came first and scored 6400 HP (in 1920), but that he also competed in 1924, and that he totalled 7400 HP over his two participations.

For an explanation of the Honour Points (HP) see here.

We will find Charles Paddock back on the Athletics page of 1920:

  1. (17130) Charles Paddock (USA/200-100-4x1/1920-28)
  2. (3165=2400+640+125) Gustaf Mattsson (SWE/30S-CCt-CC/1920)

We see that Charles Paddock also competed in 1928, and that he also competed in the 200m and the 4x100m. His total over the three events is 17130 HP.

Gustaf Mattson scored 2400 HP in the 3000 m Steeple, 640 in the Cross-Country team event and 125 in the individual cross-country, for a total of 3165 HP.

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