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Walter Winans

B. 1852-04-05, St. Petersburg, Russia, moved to the USA; D. 1920-08-12
Shooting & Art (2 gold, 1 silver)
1908 1912 HP
Running Deer, double shot gold 11th 4864
Running Deer, single shot sixth 29th 480.016
Running Deer, single shot, team silver 1000
Dueling Pistol 8th 256
Dueling Pistol, team fourth 400
Small-Bore Rifle, Moving Target 10th 75
Small-Bore Rifle, Disappearing Target 19th 1.2
Free Pistol 38th 49th 0.0002
total Shooting 5356.2 1720.016 7076.216
Sculpture gold 9600

Olympic Competitor nr 3330

Joan Winch

Olympic Competitor nr 3367

Charles Winckler

Olympic Competitor nr 788

Charles Winder

Olympic Competitor nr 3318


Olympic Competitor nr 376

Gunnar Wingqvist

Olympic Competitor nr 4439

Jerry Winholtz

Olympic Competitor nr 2299

Willem Winkelman

Olympic Competitor nr 3514

Hans-Günther Winkler

B. 1926-07-24, Wuppertal-Barmen, Germany
Equestrianism (5 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1956 1960 1964 1968 1972 1976 HP
Jumping, individual gold fifth 16th fifth - 10th 13293.25
Jumping, team gold gold gold bronze gold silver 16080

His individual triumph and first team medal was at Stockholm in 1956, riding his famous mare Halla, only four years after his international debut. He wrenched a riding muscle in the first round and rode the second, without fault, in considerable pain. He won the World Chamionship in 1954 and retained it the next year, each time on Halla. In European Championship contest he has won once, been second once and third three times.
The German team came only third at Mexico City, even though Alwin Schockemöhle posted the best individual prestation, and Winkler the fifth best. In München, he helped (West-)Germany to their fifth and his fourth team gold. At Montreal he added a team silver. Individually he never repeated his '56 success, his best being fifth at Rome and Mexico City.

Charles Lyndhurst Winslow

B. 1888-08-01, South Africa; D. 1963-09-15
Tennis (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1912 1920 HP
Men's Singles gold bronze 14000
Men's Doubles gold 4800

Olympic Competitor nr 5026

Arthur Wint

B. 1920-05-25, Jamaica
Track and Field (2 gold, 2 silver)
1948 1952 HP
400 m gold fifth 7400
800 m silver silver 8000
4 x 400 m fin:dnf gold 1760

He joined the Royal Air Force during the war and stayed on in England to study medicine at the University of London. He would later interrupt his medical career to serve as Jamaica's High Commissioner to Great Britain from 1974 to 1978.
His daughter has set up a website about him:

Fred Winters

Olympic Competitor nr 2095

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