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François Wagner

Olympic Competitor nr 6381

Josef Wagner

Olympic Competitor nr 6223

As the losing finalist, Austria was allowed to lay both Sweden and Belgium for a medal, but lost both those matches.

Julius Wagner

Olympic Competitor nr 2440

He was a German national who received the Swiss nationality and competed for Switzerland from 1908 onwards.

Katrin Wagner

competed in 2008 as

Katrin Wagner-Augustin

B. 1977-10-13, Brandenburg, then GDR, Germany
Canoeing (4 gold, 1 bronze)
2000 2004 2008 HP
K4 500 m gold gold gold 19200
K2 500 m gold 4800
K1 500 m fourth bronze 4160

Reinhard Wagner

B. 1876-11-16, Illinois, United States; D. 1964-04

Olympic Competitor nr 1720

Erich Wagner-Hohenlobbese

Olympic Competitor nr 3316

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