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Antonio Vela

Olympic Competitor nr 1427

Bart Veldkamp

B. 1967-11-22, 's Gravenhage (the Hague), the Netherlands, naturalised Belgian 1997
Speed Skating (1 gold, 2 bronze)
1992 1994 1998 2002 2006 HP
10000 m gold bronze fourth 9th 14th 8496
5000 m bronze fifth fifth 8th 13th 4775.76
1500 m fifth - 17th 754

When he was no longer a member of the dutch core team, he moved to Belgium and started skating for that country. He was naturalised in time for the Nagano Olympics. In the 5000 meters, he skated a phenomenal world record only to see it beaten twice in the next two heats, first by 6 hundreds of a second (Rintje Ritsma), then by 6 full seconds (Gianni Romme), both former countrymen. In his best discipline, the 10000 meters, he also skated below the former world record, but three Dutchmen (also Bob De Jong) had already crossed the line faster before.

Khristos Velegris

Olympic Competitor nr 3009

Velez Rezsö

Olympic Competitor nr 5126

Spyros Vellas

Olympic Competitor nr 3079

Petros Velliotis

Olympic Competitor nr 2764

S. Velliotis

Olympic Competitor nr 3133

Dimitrios Veloulis

Olympic Competitor nr 2048

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