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Dimitrios Triantafyllakos

Olympic Competitor nr 5496

Tryfon Triantafyllakos

Olympic Competitor nr 6181

(*) the semifinal rosters are not known, and there were 5 known competitors in the qualifying round, so it is quite possible Triantafyllakos competed in only some of the semifinal matches

Matthias Triantafyllidis

Olympic Competitor nr 2484

Max Triebsch

Olympic Competitor nr 3420

Otto Trieloff

Olympic Competitor nr 4391

Nikolaos Trikoupis

Olympic Competitor nr 72

Giovanna Trillini

B. 1970-05-17, Jesi, Italy
Fencing - foil (4 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)
1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 HP
Foil, individual gold bronze bronze silver fourth 28000
Foil, team gold gold gold bronze 10880

Member of the Italian foil team that won gold at Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney. There was no team foil in Athina, but the Italians would clearly have dominated this again, as Trillini and Valentina Vezzali made it to the individual final. In Beijing, the Italians made it three out of four in the semifinals, but that did not guarantee anything, as they lost the semi-final on sudden death.

Jules Trinité

Olympic Competitor nr 1187

Count Giangiorgio Trissino

B. 1877-07-22, Vicenza, Italy; D. 1963-12-22
Equestrianism (1 gold, 1 silver)
1900 HP
High Jump gold & fourth 12000
Long Jump silver 6000

He competed on the High jump with two horses, Oreste who won a joined gold, and Melope, who came fourth. Earlier he had already won silver on the long jump, also on Oreste.

Olympic Competitor nr 527

Stewart Tritle

Olympic Competitor nr 2014

Edward Tritschler

B. 1885-06-05, St. Louis, Missouri, United States; D. 1963-05-12

Olympic Competitor nr 1753

Richard Tritschler

B. 1883-09-10, St. Louis, Missouri, United States; D. 1954-11-15

Olympic Competitor nr 1772

William Tritschler

B. 1873-07-19, St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Olympic Competitor nr 1752

Panagiotis Trivoulidis

Olympic Competitor nr 3078

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