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Amédée Thubé

Olympic Competitor nr 6987

Gaston Thubé

Olympic Competitor nr 6988

Jacques Thubé

Olympic Competitor nr 6989

Émile Thubron

Olympic Competitor nr 4701

Although he did not start in the race on the 28th (which was abandoned due to the weather), he was allowed to enter the re-run on the next day, and won a gold medal when one other participants did not start, and the other ran aground.

Marius Thuesen

Olympic Competitor nr 2438

Vera Thulin

Olympic Competitor nr 6204

Willy Thulin

Olympic Competitor nr 6402

Petra Thümer

Swimming (2 gold)
1976 HP
400 m Free-style gold 6400
800 m Free-style gold 6400

Arnóld Clas Robert Thunberg

B. 1893-04-05, Helsinki, Finland; D. 1973-07-28
Speed Skating (5 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1924 1928 HP
1500 m gold gold 12800
500 m bronze gold 8960
5000 m gold 12th 6440
10000 m silver - 4000
Combined gold 1600

He would undoubtedly have won more medals had the Americans in 1932 not opted for the mass starts, with which he and most Europeans did not agree. So he decided to miss the Lake Placid Olympics. He set four World records and adopted Nurmi's attitude to sport, training throughout the year.
The gold on 500 m at St.Moritz was a tie with Bernt Evensen.

Georges Thurnherr

Olympic Competitor nr 3627

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