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Frank Sheehan

Olympic Competitor nr 4336

George Sheldon

Olympic Competitor nr 2171

Lewis Pendleton Sheldon

B. 1874-06-09, Rutland, VT, USA; D. 1960-02-18
Athletics (2 bronze)
1900 HP
Triple Jump bronze 3840
Standing High Jump bronze 3840
Standing Long Jump fourth 2400
Standing Triple Jump fourth 2400

Olympic Competitor nr 1021

Richard Sheldon

B. 1878-07-09, USA; D. 1935-01-23
Athletics (1 gold, 1 bronze)
1900 HP
Shot Put gold 9600
Discus Throw bronze 3840

Olympic Competitor nr 783

Shen Xue

Figure Skating (1 gold, 2 bronze)
1998 2002 2006 2010 HP
Pairs fifth bronze bronze gold 19562.5

Four times together with Zhao Hongbo.

Charles Shepherd

Olympic Competitor nr 4950

John James Shepherd

B. 1884-06-02, Great Britain; D. 1954-07-09
Tug-of-War (2 gold, 1 silver)
1908 1912 1920 HP
Tug of War gold silver gold 11400

Olympic Competitor nr 4128

William Shepherd

Olympic Competitor nr 4498

Melvin Whinfield Sheppard

B. 1883-09-05, Almonesson, NJ, USA; D. 1942-01-04
Track and Field (4 gold, 1 silver)
1908 1912 HP
400 m - SF:2
800 m gold silver
1500 m gold FIN
1600 m Relay gold 2800
4x400 m Relay gold
10800 5979.2 16779.2

At London, he went through the first 400 metres in 53 seconds and he went on to win the 800 metres in the world record time of 1.52.8. At Stockholm, he tried the same, but after an opening lap of 52.4, he was overtaken by Ted Meredith who set a new world record of 1.51.9.
He was rejected by the New York Police because he had a weak heart, but he would later become a lawyer and he defended the kidnappers of the Lindberg children.

Olympic Competitor nr 3415

Vitali Sherbo

B. 1972-01-13, Minsk, Belarus
Gymnastics (6 gold, 4 bronze)
1992 1996 HP
Individual Combined gold bronze 8960
Team gold fourth 2000
Parallel Bars gold bronze 2240
Vaults gold bronze 2240
Rings gold 1600
Pommeled Horse gold 1600
Bar bronze 640
Floor Exercises sixth 160

The last national champion of the USSR in 1990.

Martin Sheridan

B. 1881-03-28, Ireland, but lived in New York, NY, USA; D. 1918-03-27
Track and Field (5 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze)
1904 1906 1908 HP
Shot Put fourth gold comp. 9028.64
Discus Throw gold 16800
Discus Throw, freestyle gold gold
Discus Throw, Greek style fourth gold 6000
Stone Throw silver 4500
Standing Long Jump silver bronze 7380
Standing High Jump silver 16th 4507.2
Triple Jump 9th 180
Pentathlon 25th 0.1125
9000 26700.1125 12695.84 48396

An extra throw had to decide the winner of the St.Louis discus, as Sheridan and Ralph Rose had both thrown an equal 39.28 m. Sheridan threw 1.52 m further.
He won two gold (Shot, Discus) and three silver (standing high and long jumps, stone throw) at Athina in 1906.
The competitions of Standing High Jump and Discus, Greek style, were going on at the same time, but still Sheridan managed to finish in the top-four in both.
His 25th place in the pentathlon is because he had to withdraw after the first event because of injury. He had been the big favorite, and his withdrawal threw the competition wide open.

Olympic Competitor nr 2066

Benjamin Sherman

Olympic Competitor nr 3475

Nate Sherman

Olympic Competitor nr 4293

Billy Sherring

Olympic Competitor nr 3127

Grigory Shesterikov

B. 1877-01-10, Zhytomyr, now in Ukraine; competed for Russia

Olympic Competitor nr 5052

Dividing Russians according to the data available means classing this athlete as Ukrainian.

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