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Hugh Roddin

Olympic Competitor nr 4859

Leif Rode

Olympic Competitor nr 6867

Nicolo Rode

Sailing (1 gold, 1 silver)
1948 1952 1956 HP
Star fifth gold silver 17812.5

Three times the partner of Agostino Straulino.

Gus Rodenberg

Olympic Competitor nr 2083

Conrad Karl Röderer

Olympic Competitor nr 1179

Jean Rodier

Olympic Competitor nr 6440

The roster for this match (the second match that France played) is not known, so it is not known for certain if Rodier played at all.

Aleksandr Rodionov

Olympic Competitor nr 6935

Irina Rodnina

B. 1949-09-12, Russia, Soviet Union
Figure Skating (3 gold)
1972 1976 1980 HP
Pairs gold gold gold 48000

Winner of the Ice Skating Pairs at Sapporo (with Alexei Ulanov), Innsbrück and Lake Placid (with Aleksandr Zaytsev).
Her original partner Ulanov started dating silver medallist Ludmila Smirnova in Sapporo. They would later marry but never regain their sporting success. Rodnina married her two-times partner Zaytsev. She was the oldest champion at Lake Placid.

Jacques Rodocanachi

Olympic Competitor nr 4089

Joseph Rodrigues

Olympic Competitor nr 634

Max Rodrigues

Olympic Competitor nr 562

Aleksandr Rodzyanko

Olympic Competitor nr 6705

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