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Colonel Rice

Olympic Competitor nr 1922

Richard Rice

Olympic Competitor nr 5487

Stephanie Rice

Swimming (2 gold)
2008 HP
200 m individual medley gold 6400
400 m individual medley gold 6400
4 x 200 m freestyle relay gold 1600

Kirsty Coventry twice swam faster than the previous world record, but Rice kept her into second place both times.

Leslie Rich

Olympic Competitor nr 4143

Auguste Richard

Olympic Competitor nr 6747

Louis Marcel Richardet

B. 1864-05-17, Switzerland; D. 1923-01-14
Shooting (5 gold, 1 silver)
1900 1906 HP
Military Rifle gold 4800
Military Rifle, Gras Model silver 3000
Free Rifle, combined 16th 10th 81.4
Free Rifle, standing 17th 1
Free Rifle, kneeling 9th 40
Free Rifle, prone 12th 10
Free Rifle, team gold gold 2800
Military Revolver gold 4800
Military Revolver, Gras Model 7th 300
Free Pistol fourth 3219.2
Free Pistol, 25m fourth
Free Pistol, 50m 13th
Free Pistol, team gold 1600
5257.4 15394.2 20651.6

Olympic Competitor nr 1182

Alma Richards

Olympic Competitor nr 5878

Edwin Richards

Olympic Competitor nr 4948

the Revd. Robert Eugene Richards

B. 1926-02-20, Champaign, Ill, USA
Track and Field (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1948 1952 1956 HP
Pole Vault bronze gold gold 34560
Decathlon dnf 15

Although only 1.76 m tall, he had a remarkably consistent career, being American champion nine times. He was three times American decathlon champion and competed at Merlbourne in that event. A preacher, he was nicknamed 'the Vaulting Vicar'.

Tom Richards

Olympic Competitor nr 4817

Vinnie Richards

Tennis (2 gold, 1 silver)
1924 HP
Men's Singles gold 8000
Men's Doubles gold 4800
Mixed Doubles silver 3000

E. F. Richardson

Olympic Competitor nr 3675

Henry Richardson

Olympic Competitor nr 2212

John P. Richardson

Olympic Competitor nr 3199

Born in Madagascar but competing for South Africa.

Len Richardson

Olympic Competitor nr 5859

Philip Richardson

Olympic Competitor nr 3363

Eugène Richez

Olympic Competitor nr 4014

Gerlach Richter

Olympic Competitor nr 3027

Karl Richter

Olympic Competitor nr 6269

Rudolf Richter

Olympic Competitor nr 5955

Ulrike Richter

1976 HP
100 m Backstroke
200 m Backstroke
4 x 100 m Medley Relay

Johan Richthoff

B. 1898-04-30, Limhamn, near Malmö, Sweden; D. 1983-10-01
Wrestling - Free-Style (2 gold)
1924 1928 1932 HP
+87 kg sixth gold gold 30240

He began as a cooper and became a minister in the Swedish free church and a campainer against alcohol. He weighed 112 kg but was an excellent technician. He competed in professional catch in the USA in 1932-3.

Maëlle Ricker

B. 1978-12-02, Canada
Snowboard Cross (1 gold)
2006 2010 HP
Cross fourth gold 12000

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