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Georges Ratelot

Olympic Competitor nr 3615

Emmerich Rath

Olympic Competitor nr 3928

Although he was born in Prague and also died in Czechoslovakia, he competed on the Austrian, not the Bohemian team, so I class him as Austrian.

The only man to start in both the Marathon and the Cross-Country (on consecutive days), but he finished neither race

Louis Rathke

B. 1868, Wisconsin, United States

Olympic Competitor nr 1805

Oswald Rathmann

B. 1891-07-21, Klodzko, near Breslau, now in Poland, represented Germany

Olympic Competitor nr 5678

Peter Ratican

Olympic Competitor nr 2353

George Ratsey

Olympic Competitor nr 4563

Seppo Räty

B. 1962-04-27, Finland
Track and Field (1 silver, 2 bronze)
1988 1992 1996 HP
Javelin Throw bronze silver bronze 15048

World Champion in 1987.

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