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Jack Price

Olympic Competitor nr 4535

Sim Price

Olympic Competitor nr 2193

Reggie Pridmore

Olympic Competitor nr 4918

Mrs C. Priestley Foster

Olympic Competitor nr 4050

A. Priftis

Olympic Competitor nr 3044

Prihoda István

B. 1891-11-15, Cluj, Romania, competed for Hungary

Olympic Competitor nr 5118


Olympic Competitor nr 1174

Meyer Prinstein

B.1878, Szczuczyn in Poland (then part of the Russian Empire); the family came to the USA in 1884; D. 1925-03-10
Track and Field (4 gold, 1 silver)
1900 1904 1906 HP
Long Jump silver gold gold 20400
Triple Jump gold gold 11th 16872
60 m fifth 750
100 m Ht:4th SFdnf 52.2
400 m fifth 750
15600 15951 7273.2 38824.2

In June of 1900, he had set a world record of 7.50 m for the Long Jump. In the qualification at Paris, he led the competition with 7.17, but the final was scheduled for Sunday. This was contrary to the beliefs of many American participants, who did not compete on Sunday. His Syracuse teammates prevented Prinstein from competing on the Sunday, even though Myer himself was jewish. Al Kraenzlein, or his teammates had no qualms and won the final with 7.18 m. On monday, Prinstein was so insensed over his countryman's 'betrayal' that he hit him with his fist. He was awarded a silver medal in the long jump at Paris nevertheless. He consoled himself by winning the triple jump, ahead of the winner in 1896, James Connolly.
At St.Louis, he won long and triple jump on the same day, although the absence of the Long Jump World record holder, Irishman Peter O'Connor was regrettable. (O'Connor's jump would be the World record for 20 years, and the Irish record for almost 89 !)
Prinstein also won the long jump at the interim games of Athens in 1906, ahead of O'Connor.
His death was not in 1928, as mentioned in most sources, but in 1925, the grandson of his younger sister told me.

Olympic Competitor nr 838

Henry Prinzler

B. 1883-01-25, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Olympic Competitor nr 1771

Edwin Pritchard

Olympic Competitor nr 6420

Norman Gilbert Pritchard

B. 1875-06-23, Calcutta, India
Track and Field (2 silver)
1900 HP
60 m 3rd in SF 820
200 m silver 4000
110 m Hurdles fifth 1000
200 m Hurdles silver 4000
100 m fifth 1000

He represented the English AAA, but was born in India. Later he would emigrate to the USA and become a silent film star.

Olympic Competitor nr 776

Irina Privalova

Athletics (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1992 1996 2000 HP
100 m bronze 2560
200 m fourth 1600
4 x 100 m silver fourth 1400
400 m hurdles gold 9600

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