Great Olympians

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August Placke

Olympic Competitor nr 1789

Gheorghe Plagino

Olympic Competitor nr 857

Hermann Plaskuda

Olympic Competitor nr 5608

(*) the team rosters in the semifinals are unknown

Philip Plater

Olympic Competitor nr 3390

At the prone Small-Bore Rifle, Plater shot a new world record and would have received the gold medal, but then it was discovered he had been the 13th British entrant in the event, when only 12 entrants per country wre permitted.


Olympic Competitor nr 186

Harald Platou

Olympic Competitor nr 6442

Evgeny Platov

Figure Skating - Ice dance (2 gold)
1992 1994 1998 HP
Ice Dance fourth gold gold 15500

Winner of the Ice dancing together with Oksana Grichuk

Kjersti Tysse Plætzer

B. 1972-01-18, Norway
Athletics (2 silver)
2000 2004 2008 HP
20 km Walk silver 12th silver 270

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