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Pataki Mihály

Olympic Competitor nr 5252

George Patching

Olympic Competitor nr 5528

Peter Paternelli

B. 1856-03-10 Strigno, Trento, Italy, competed for Austria

Olympic Competitor nr 5139

From a part of Austria that became Italian after 1920, so I class him as Italian

Patestos Patestidis

Olympic Competitor nr 2869

Jean Patou

Olympic Competitor nr 3446

+cyr 1912

Ioannis Patsoulis

Olympic Competitor nr 3037


Olympic Competitor nr 184

Alan Patterson

Olympic Competitor nr 4384

Neil Patterson

Olympic Competitor nr 4352

Norman Patterson

Olympic Competitor nr 6234

Robert Patterson

Olympic Competitor nr 5116

Charles Pattin

Olympic Competitor nr 4916

Rodney Stuart Pattisson

B. 1943-08-05, Cambeltown, Scotland, Great Britain
Sailing (2 gold, 1 silver)
1968 1972 1976 HP
Flying Dutchman gold gold silver 31500

At Acapulco in 1968, in "Super...docious" he and Iain Macdonald Smith had five first places and a second, with three penalty points the lowest ever score in an Olympic regatta. In 1972, his yacht was called "Superdoso". His success was based on his belief that racing sailors had to be physically fit as well, and he began each day with a training run.

George Patton

Olympic Competitor nr 5845

Ivan Patzaichin

B. 1949-11-26, Romania
Canoeing (4 gold, 3 silver)
1968 1972 1976 1980 1984 HP
C1 - 500 m 7th 400
C1 - 1000 m 7th gold fifth 11200
C2 - 500 m silver silver 6000
C2 - 1000 m gold silver gold gold 45200

Winner of the Canadian C2 1000 m at Mexico, he returned with his partner Serghei Covaliov in München, only to finish second. When he went to Moskva with a new partner, Toma Simionov, the event had not suffered too much from the boycott. The same pair did benefit from Romania's being the only eastern bloc country NOT to boycott Los Angeles to take their second, and Patzaichin's third gold medal in the same event. He also took 1 individual gold (at München) and two silvers in the shorter C2 500 m event.

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