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Johannes Osten

Olympic Competitor nr 2682

Østen Østensen

Shooting (3 silver, 2 bronze)

Olympic Competitor nr 5392

Hannibal Østergaard

Olympic Competitor nr 2632

Micheline Ostermeyer

B. 1922-12-23, Rang de Fliers, France
Track and Field (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1948 HP
Shot Put gold 9600
Discus Throw gold 9600
High Jump bronze 3840

She was a niece to composer Lucien Paroche and she won acclaim at the piano. In her Olympic triumph, she was helped by the absence of Russian Athletes, who held the world records at Shot and Discus. She had entered the discus only as an afterthought, being in London anyway. She celebrated her victories with an impromptu recital of Beethoven at France's team headquarters.

Oscar Osthoff

Olympic Competitor nr 2094

Andreas Ostler

Bobsledding (2 gold)
1952 1956 HP
Two-man gold 8th 8320
Four-man gold 4800

Ole Østmo

Olympic Competitor nr 1242

Lauritz Christian Østrup

Olympic Competitor nr 4085

(*) If the data is correct, he had to compete in the semi-final pools of the Épée and the Sabre in London at the same time - amazing!

(°) The semifinal rosters are unknown. I assume that only the members of the team that played in the qualification competed in the semifinal

(**) roster unknown

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