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Uwe-Jens Mey

Speed Skating (2 gold, 1 silver)
1984 1988 1992 HP
500 m 8th gold gold 11456
1000 m 25th silver 12th 4030.1

Herman Meyboom

Olympic Competitor nr 3890

(*) team roster unknown. There were nine Belgian waterpoloists in total, seven per team.

Alvah Meyer

Olympic Competitor nr 5506

Bernard Meyer

Olympic Competitor nr 6552

Deborah "Debbie" Meyer

B. 1952-08-14, Annapolis, Md, USA
Swimming (3 gold)
1968 HP
200 m Free-style gold 6400
400 m Free-style gold 6400
800 m Free-style gold 6400

The first swimmer to win three individual gold medals in one Olympiad, she also set sixteen world records in three years, including 17.19.9 for the 1500 metres. Some of her times would have won men's olympic titles a few years earlier.

Ernst Meyer

Olympic Competitor nr 2545

Georg Meyer

Olympic Competitor nr 5045

Otto Meyer

Olympic Competitor nr 1123

Marcel Meyer de Stadelhofen

Olympic Competitor nr 2476

John Meyers

Olympic Competitor nr 2138

Ulrike Meyfarth

B 1956-05-04, Germany
Track and Field (2 gold)
1972 1976 1984 HP
High Jump gold 22nd gold 28800.9

A surprise winner at merely sixteen (the youngest ever individual Athletics champion) at München, she was again a surprise winner at twenty-eight at Los Angeles.

Olaf Meyland-Smith

Olympic Competitor nr 5745

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