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Marcel Meran

Olympic Competitor nr 455

Roy Mercer

Olympic Competitor nr 6535

Désiré Mérchez

Olympic Competitor nr 1273

André Mercier

Olympic Competitor nr 864

Émile Mercier

Olympic Competitor nr 1365

Leon Meredith

Olympic Competitor nr 3471

+cyr 1912-20

James Edwin "Ted" Meredith

B. 1891-11-14, USA; D. 1957-11-02
Track & Field
1912 1920 bonus HP
800 m gold 6400
4x400 m Relay gold fourth 500 2500
400 m fourth SF:4th 1928
9600 728 500 10828

Olympic Competitor nr 5590

Irini Merleni

B. 1982-02-08, Minitskoye, Ukraine
Wrestling, Freestyle (1 gold, 1 bronze)
2004 2008 HP
-48 kg gold bronze 12440

Lucien Mérignac

Olympic Competitor nr 354

Daniel Mérillon

Olympic Competitor nr 3302

Count Alexandros Merkati

Olympic Competitor nr 1639

Josef Merkle

Olympic Competitor nr 6280

Georgios Merkouris

Olympic Competitor nr 2451

Ernest Merlin

Olympic Competitor nr 5769

Gerald Merlin

Olympic Competitor nr 2475

Sidney Louis Walter Merlin

B. 1856-04-26, Piraeus, Greece, national of Great Britain; D. 1952
Shooting (1 gold, 1 bronze)
1896 1900 1906 HP
Military Rifle 10th 23rd 100.192
Free Rifle comp. dnf 132.70075
Military Rifle, Gras Model 7th 300
Military Pistol dnf 15.6
Military Revolver 16th
Pistol dnf 1600
Military Revolver, Gras Model dnf 0.0048
Free Pistol, 25m 12th 30
Free Pistol, 50m 23rd 0.192
Duelling Pistol, au visé 10th 75
Duelling Pistol, au commandement 7th 300
Clay Pigeon 7th 2520
Clay Pigeon, single trap bronze
Clay Pigeon, double trap gold 4800
1843.5 600 7430.18955 9873.68955

He and his cousin Gerald were Britons living in Athina, which is why he competed at both Olympics there.

He is the only shooter who also competed in Paris, and since there was no shooting at St. Louis, this makes him the only person to compete at all early Olympiads where his sport was performed.

Olympic Competitor nr 64

Ned Merriam

Olympic Competitor nr 4387

W. G. Merrifield

Olympic Competitor nr 3671

Frederick Merriman

Olympic Competitor nr 4125

Robert Merz

Olympic Competitor nr 5192

He was born in Praha and played for DFC Prag, Although Bohemia had a separate Olympic team in 1912, they were not allowed to enter a football team because they were not (any longer) members of FIFA. I class the Czech-born members of the Austrian team as Czechs, therefore.

William Merz

B. 1878-04-25, Red Bud, Illinois, United States; D. 1946-03-17, Overland, Missouri, United States
Gymnastics (1 silver, 4 bronze)

Olympic Competitor nr 1715

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