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Jack Medica

Swimming (1 gold, 2 silver)
1936 HP
400 m Free-style gold 6400
1500 m Free-style silver 4000
4 x 200 m Free-style Relay silver 1000

Oleksander Medvid

B. 1937-09-16, Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine
Wrestling Free-style (3 gold)
1964 1968 1972 HP
Light Heavyweight (-97 kg) gold 57600
Heavyweight (+97 kg) gold
Heavyweight (+100 kg) gold

His performance in becoming the first man to win wrestling gold medals at three Olympics makes him one of the greatest wrestlers in history. Between 1962 and his retirement after the Games of 1972 he lost the Olympic or World title only on one occasion - the 1965 World Championships we he drew with Ahmer Ayik (TUR) and conceded the gold medal on fewer bad marks.
What made his career even more remarkable was that he rarely weighed more than 105kg and sometimes fought competitors more than 60kg heavier than himself. Yet his deft armoury of attacks and sudden evasions enabled him to outmanoeuvre more bruly opponents.
He was initially a light-heavyweight, taking the gold medal at Tokyo. Two years later he moved up to heavyweight. At Mexico City, he was helped by an injury to his leading rival, Wilfried Dietrich (GER). In München he had to use all his experience to keep clear of the formidable strength of Chris Taylor (USA) who weighed 190kg. Although the second lightest man in his class, he retained his title. He then announced his retirement by ceremoniously kissing the mat.
He performed the oath for judges at the Moskva Olympics.
(576 HP)

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