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Paul Mathaux

Olympic Competitor nr 4716

Hans Matthiae

Olympic Competitor nr 6792

Robert Mathias

B. 1930-11-17, Tulare, Cal, USA
Track and Field (2 gold)
1948 1952 HP
Decathlon gold gold 19200

In winning the decathlon at London, he was the youngest ever athletics gold medal winner (17 years and 263 days). At the end of the competition he told his father, never again, never again. But in 1950 he broke the world record and again in 1952, in retaining his title at Helsinki. He was never beaten in the 10 dacathlons he contested from 1948 until 1956. But he had already forfeited his amateur status in 1953, by appearing in a film about his career, so he was prevented from going for a third Olympic title.
In 1966, he was elected to the house of representatives, being reelected until 1972, but he was defeated in the 1974 election.

Edvin Mathiasson

Olympic Competitor nr 5444

Sigurd Mathiesen

Olympic Competitor nr 6463


(the first name is no longer in the database)

Olympic Competitor nr 1479

Jean-Baptiste Mathieu

Olympic Competitor nr 2630

Per Mathisen

Olympic Competitor nr 6303

Aspasia Matsa

Olympic Competitor nr 2806

Randy Matson

B. 1945-03-05 in Kilgore, TX, USA
Athletics (1 gold, 1 silver)
1964 1968 HP
Shot Put silver gold 15600

Roland Matthes

B. 1950-11-17, Pössneck, Germany
Swimming (4 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze)
1968 1972 1976 HP
100 m Backstroke gold gold bronze 23040
200 m Backstroke gold gold - 12800
100 m Butterfly fourth fifth 2600
4 x 100 m Free-style Relay - bronze - 640
4 x 100 m Medley Relay silver silver - 2000

Between april 1967 and 1974-08-31, he was undefeated in backstroke events. During that time, he scored doubles in two Olympics and the inaugural World Championships in 1973, and a third World Championship title at 100 m in 1975. He lowered the 100 m world record six times and brought the 200 metres record down seven seconds. Higly versatile, he also held the European 100 m butterfly and 200 m medley records.
He was married to Kornelia Ender. They have a daughter but divorced in 1982

Johnnie Matthews

Olympic Competitor nr 2539

Maurice Matthews

Olympic Competitor nr 3385

Per Mattson

Olympic Competitor nr 6828

Ragnar Mattson

Olympic Competitor nr 5824

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