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Guglielmo Malatesta

Olympic Competitor nr 3900

Tom Malchow

1996 2000 2004 HP
200 m Butterfly silver gold 8th 10656


Géo Malfait

Olympic Competitor nr 2862

Bronislaw Malinowski

B. 1951-06-04, Grudziadz, Poland, D. 1981-09-26 in a car crash near his home town.
Track and Field (1 gold, 1 silver)
1972 1976 1980 HP
3000 m Steeple-chase fourth silver gold 22500

Kenya' boycott of the Moskva Games finally gave one of the best technicians of the steeple chase a gold medal.

Nikolaos Malintretos

Olympic Competitor nr 2565

Paul Malisch

Olympic Competitor nr 5912

Freydoun Malkom

Olympic Competitor nr 615

Joseph Mallet

Olympic Competitor nr 1588

Harry Mallin

B. 1892-06-01, London, Great Britain; D. 1969-11-08, Lewisham
Boxing (2 gold)
1920 1924 HP
Middleweight (-72.6 kg) gold gold 19200

Mallin never lost an amateur contest and was British Champion for five years (1919-23). He never turned professional.
At Paris, he figured in one of the most unusual boxing controversies. In a contest with Roger Brousse (FRA), he seemed to have done enough to have won on points. But as soon as the last round had ended, Mallin tried to complain to the referee that he had been bitten in the shoulder. Before he could make himself understood, the bout was awarded to the French boxer on points. An appeal launched by a Swedish official brought forward medical evidence that Mallin had been bitten, and Brousse was disqualified - even though the jury declared that the foul had not been intentional.

Arthur Mallwitz

Olympic Competitor nr 2903

Ragnar Malm

Olympic Competitor nr 5671

Teodor Malm

Olympic Competitor nr 4738

Erik Malmberg

B. 1897-03-15, Göteborg, Sweden; D. 1964-05-09
Wrestling - Greco-Roman (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1924 1928 1932 HP
Featherweight (-62 kg) bronze silver 24300
-66 kg gold

Håkan Malmrot

B. 1900-11-29, Sweden; D. 1987-01-10
Swimming (2 gold)
1920 HP
200 m Breaststroke gold 6400
400 m Breaststroke gold 6400

(128 HP)

Gustaf Malmsten

Olympic Competitor nr 5980

Gustaf Malmström

Olympic Competitor nr 4478

Karl Malmström

Olympic Competitor nr 3744

Ioannis Malokinis

Olympic Competitor nr 229

Aleksandr Maltsev

Soviet Union
Ice Hockey (2 gold, 1 silver)
1972 1976 1980 HP
Team gold gold silver 12600

Adam Malysz

B. 1977-12-03, Poland
Ski Jumping (3 silver, 1 bronze)
2002 2006 2010 HP
Normal Hill bronze 7th silver 7656
Large Hill silver 14th silver 8817.6
Large Hill - Team sixth fifth sixth 616

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