Great Olympians

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Lou Yun

B. 1964-04-23, China
Gymnastics (2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)

(58 HP)

Thomas Loudon

Olympic Competitor nr 1919

Greg Louganis

B. 1960-01-29, USA
Diving (4 gold, 1 silver)
1976 1984 1988 HP
Springboard sixth gold gold 20160
Platform silver gold gold 25200

As a child, he suffered from dyslexia, stuttering and racial abuse for his darker skin (his natural father was Samoan).
He won a silver at Montreal and then had to miss out at Moskva. His double at Barcelona was his fifth in world competition.
In the qualifying round for the springboard at Barcelona, he hit the back of his head against the board. This was particularly awful for Louganis, as he already knew he was infected with the HIV virus. He knew the water would not pose a threat to the other competitors, but only found out later that the doctor who treated him was not wearing surgical gloves. Luckily; the qualifying marks did not count in the final reckoning. Despite the obviously bad mark on that jump, he was back in half an hour for his next one. He scraped through to the final, which he won.
He was World Champion at Springboard in 1982 and '86, at Highboard in '78, '82 and '86.

Beatrix Loughran

Figure Skating (2 silver, 1 bronze)
1924 1928 1932 HP
Individual silver bronze 9840
Pairs fourth silver 7000

Spyros Louis

Olympic Competitor nr 198

Ioannis Loukas

Olympic Competitor nr 2722

Toivo Loukola

B. 1902-10-02, Kortesjärvi, Finland; D. 1984-01-10
Track & Field (1 gold)
1928 HP
3000 m Steeple gold 9600
10000 m 7th 400

Dimitrios Loundras

Olympic Competitor nr 122

Ioannis Loungitsas

Olympic Competitor nr 2037

Georgios Louridas

Olympic Competitor nr 2038

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