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Francisco Lázaro

Olympic Competitor nr 6622

He died the morning after collapsing during the marathon.

Konstantinos Lazaros

Olympic Competitor nr 3074

Spyros Lazaros

Olympic Competitor nr 3075

Larissa Lazutina

B. 1965-06-01, Kondopoga, Russia
Nordic Skiing (5 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze)
1992 1994 1998 2002 HP
5 km, classical style 7th sixth gold 10975
10 km, classical style fourth
combined pursuit (5 km + 10km) 8th fourth gold 14740
combined pursuit (5 km + 5km) silver
15 km, classical style - silver 4000
30 km, classical style - disq.
15 km, free-style fifth silver 8866
30 km, free-style fifth bronze
4 x 5 km gold gold gold - 4000

Member of the Relay teams of the United Team (1992) and Russia (1994, 1998) that won gold at Albertville, Lillehammer and Nagano.
She was checked for hemoglobine before the start of the relay at Salt Lake City and was refused the start. The team was not allowed to substitute her, thereby denying them (even without Lazutina) an obvious gold medal. Later it would turn out she failed a doping test, and she was not awarded a gold medal for her first place in the 30 km, but her other medals from Salt Lake City were not scrapped.

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