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Claudia Kolb

Swimming (1 gold, 1 silver)
1964 1968 HP
200 m Individual Medley - gold 6400
400 m Individual Medley - gold 6400
200 m Breaststroke silver - 5000

Peter-Michael Kolbe

Rowing (3 silver)
1976 1984 1988 HP
Skiff silver silver silver 19800

Alevtina Kolchina

B. 1930-11-11, Russia, Soviet-Union
Nordic Skiing (1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze)
1956 1960 1964 1968 HP
5 km - - bronze bronze 48
3 x 5 km silver - gold bronze 40
10 km fourth fourth 7th 7th 32

At Squaw Valley, she did not from part of the relay squad, as she was only the fourth best skier in the world, behind three other soviets.  Despite having gained the first four places in the individual, the Soviet squad (without Kolchina) gained only silver, although they protested for hindering by the Swedes in the first leg.

Alexander Kolchinski

Wrestling - Greco-Roman (2 gold)
1976 1980 HP
+100 kg gold gold 19200

Szymon Kolecki

B. 1981-10-12, Olawa, Poland
Weightlifting (2 silver)
2000 2008 HP
-94 kg silver silver 13200

Johannes Petteri ("Hannes") Kolehmainen

B. 1889-12-09, Kuopio, Finland; D. 1966-11-11, Helsinki
Track and Field (4 gold, 1 silver)
1912 1920 1924 HP
5000 m gold 6400
10000 m gold 6400
3000 m Team r2 325
Cross-Country gold 8000
Cross-Country, Team silver 1000
Marathon gold aband. 9600
22125 9600 0 31725

The first outstanding Finnish runner, he set a world record of 14.36.6 in winning the 5000 metres at Stockholm, which was only beaten ten years later by Paavo Nurmi. He won 5 races in a few days but Finland failed to qualify for the team 3000 m final, or he would undoubtedly have won that one too. On the victory podium, he said, 'I would almost rather not have won, than see that flag up there', pointing at the tsarist Russian flag. Finland was still part of Russia at the time.
After the war, he returned to Antwerpen to win the Marathon. He is one of those athletes who were severely restricted in their medal chances because of the Wars.

Olympic Competitor nr 5808

David "Tatu" Kolehmainen

Olympic Competitor nr 6990

When awarding the numbers, I thought this athlete was the same Tatu as Hannes' brother, so I did not give him a number. He should have received nr 6032, but he gets 6990.

Taavetti Heikki "Tatu"Kolehmainen

Olympic Competitor nr 5886

This Tatu Kolehmainen is the brother of Hannes, the wrestler with the same name is not related.

Georgios Koletis

Olympic Competitor nr 101

Lauri Kolho

Olympic Competitor 3373

Voitto Kolho

Olympic Competitor nr 3254

Ioannis Kollaros

Olympic Competitor nr 2901

Cárlos Koller

Olympic Competitor nr 5683

Johannes Kolling

Olympic Competitor nr 6694

Pavel Kolobkov

B. 1969-09-22, Moskva, Russia
Fencing - Epee (1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze)
1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 HP
Épée, Individual silver R16 gold bronze 20332.4
Épée, team bronze bronze silver - fourth 2948

Russia did not field a team in Sydney.

Nikolay Kolomenkin

Olympic Competitor nr 4875


Dimitrios Kolyvas

Olympic Competitor nr 2838

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