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Kakas Gyula

Olympic Competitor nr 175

Akakios Kakiasvilis

competed in 1992 as

Kakhi Kakhiachvili

while in 1996 his name was transliterated as

Akakide Kakiachvilis

B. 1969-07-13, Tiflida, Georgia
represented Georgia in 1992, Greece in 1996.and 2000
Weight-Lifting (3 gold)
1992 1996 2000 HP
-90 kg gold 57600
-99 kg gold
-94 kg gold

After winning his second gold medal, he said : 'The first of my golds I won for Georgia, where I was born and lived for 23 years, But I also wanted to win one for Greece, the country I love and where I and my parents now live.'
He won his third gold medal in Sydney and will no doubt try for four in Athina.
The Hellene Olympic Federation has an excellent site on its performance at Atlanta, which includes a picture of Kakhiachvilis.
(576 HP)

Demetrios Kakousis

Olympic Competitor nr 2705

Periklis Kakousis

Olympic Competitor nr 2081

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