Great Olympians

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Nicolas Hénart

Sailing (2 gold)
1988 1992 HP
Tornado gold gold 16000

John Hencken

B. 1954-05-29, USA
Swimming (3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1972 1976 HP
100 m Breaststroke bronze gold 8960
200 m Breaststroke gold silver 10400
4 x 100 m Medley Relay qual. gold 1664

Red Henderson

Olympic Competitor nr 2365

Walter Henderson

Olympic Competitor nr 3726

John Hendrickson

Olympic Competitor nr 5069

Fred Hendschel

Olympic Competitor nr 1290

Sonja Henie

B. 1912-04-08, Oslo, Norway; D. 1969-10-12
Figure Skating (3 gold)
1924 1928 1932 1936 HP
Women's Individual 8th gold gold gold 58368

The outstanding figure in the history of skating, for she later turned her skills to good professional account and won a host of new admirers throughout the world by way of films. She became Norwegian champion in 1924. Competing in the Winter Olympics at Chamonix (1924) before her twelfth birthday, she was last of eight competitors, but she won the title at her second attempt, at St.Moritz, where she danced on Tchaikovsky's 'Death of a Swan' from 'Swan Lake'. After twice retaining her title, she turned professional and was given a contract by 20th Century Fox. She would earn almost 50 million dollars to become the richest Olympian woman in history.
In the World Championships she was fifth in 1924 and in 1926 she was runner-up in the women's event and fifth in the pairs with Arne Lie. She was never beaten again. She won 10 world titles (1927-36), six European (1931-6).
She made eleven films between 1938 and 1960. With her third husband, Niels Onstad, she founded the Henie-Onstad collection of modern paintings which they presented to Norway.
Miss Henie developed leukaemia in 1969 and died in an aircraft which was carrying her from Paris to Oslo for medical treatment.
Sandra Loosemore's page devoted to skating legends, also has a photo of the young Sonja.
The Henie-Onstad collection also has a homepage (in Norwegian or in English)
Her record as the youngest gold medallist was broken by Tara Lipinsky at Nagano in 1998.

Ernest Henley

Olympic Competitor nr 5593

Jan Henne

Swimming (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1968 HP
100 m Free-style gold 6400
200 m Free-style silver 4000
200 m Individual Medley bronze 2560
4 x 100 m Free-style Relay gold 1600
4 x 100 m Medley Relay qual. 64

L. Hennebicq

Olympic Competitor nr 3816

Charles Hennemann

Olympic Competitor nr 2105

James Hennessy

Olympic Competitor nr 591

William Hennessy

Olympic Competitor nr 2319

Robert Hennet

Olympic Competitor nr 5780

(*) precise team composition unknown

Ed Hennig

B. 1879-10-13, Cleveland, Ohio, United States; D. 1960-08-28

Olympic Competitor nr 1750

Thor Bernard "Tossan" Henning

B. 1894-09-13, Sweden; D. 1967-10-07
Swimming (3 silver)
1912 1920 1924 bonus HP
200 m Breaststroke fifth silver SF:4th 596 6556
400 m Breaststroke silver silver 800 8800
4x200 m Free-style Relay (bronze) 40
5000 8040 960 1396 15396

Olympic Competitor nr 5905

Victor Henny

Olympic Competitor nr 4256

Paul Henrichsen

Olympic Competitor nr 5687

John Henriksson

Olympic Competitor nr 3795

Valdemar Henriksson

Olympic Competitor nr 6848

Emil Henriques

Olympic Competitor nr 6953

Constantin Henriquez de Zubiera

Olympic Competitor nr 1030

Guy Henry

Olympic Competitor nr 6554

William Henry

Olympic Competitor nr 1298

William Henson

Olympic Competitor nr 4496

François Hentges

Olympic Competitor nr 6371

Pierre Hentges

Olympic Competitor nr 6372

Henzsel János

Olympic Competitor nr 5674

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