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Henry Hauenstein

Olympic Competitor nr 6774

Otto Haug

Olympic Competitor nr 2934

Thorleif Haug

B. 1894-09-28, Årkvisla, near Drammen, Norway; D. 1934-12-12
Nordic Skiing (3 gold)
1924 HP
Individual Nordic Combined gold 9600
18 km gold 6400
50 km gold 6400
Ski Jump fourth 2400

An outstanding skier, but he had to wait till his 30 for the Olympic opportunity.
Originally, Haug had received the bronze medal in the Jump. In 1974, a mistake was detected in the results of the ski jump. The bronze medal was then awarded to Anders Haugen of the USA.
Haug won the famous Holmenkollen 50 km race six times and the combined event three times.
His memory was honoured with a lifesize stone statue in Drammen.

Hauler László

B. 1884-06-26 Craidorolt, Satu Mare, Romania, competed for Hungary

Olympic Competitor nr 5098

Jean Hauptmanns

Olympic Competitor nr 6166

Matti Hautamaeki

Ski Jumping (3 silver, 1 bronze)
2002 2006 2010 HP
Normal Hill sixth silver - 4640
Large Hill bronze fifth 26th 3560.064
Team silver silver fourth 2640


Hautzinger Sándor

Olympic Competitor nr 4628

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