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Halassy Olivér

Waterpolo (2 gold, 1 silver)
1928 1932 1936 HP
Waterpolo silver gold gold 12600

Fernand Halbart

Olympic Competitor nr 4364

Joseph Halcet

Olympic Competitor nr 2625

Ernest Haley

Olympic Competitor nr 6320

Half Moon

Olympic Competitor nr 1827

Karel Halík

Olympic Competitor nr 2843

Alexander Hall

Olympic Competitor nr 2343

Charles Hall

Olympic Competitor nr 3842

Dave Hall

Olympic Competitor nr 794

Frank Hall

Olympic Competitor nr 5068

Gary Hall Jr.

B. 1974-09-26, Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA
Swimming (5 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze)
1996 2000 2004 HP
50 m Free-style silver gold gold 25200
100 m Free-style silver bronze - 6560
4x100 m Free-style Relay gold silver (bronze) 2664
4x100 m Medley Relay gold gold - 3200

The gold on 50m at Sydney was a dead heat, Anthony Ervin also receiving a gold medal.
He was left out of the relay squad in Athina to make place for Michael Phelps, but the Americans were beaten. Hall did get a bronze medal.

Gary Hall Sr.

B. 1951-08-07 Fayetteville, NC, USA
Swimming (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze)
1968 1972 1976 HP
200 m Butterfly - silver - 4000
100 m Butterfly - - bronze 2560
200 m Backstroke fourth - - 1600
200 m Individual Medley - fourth - 1600
400 m Individual Medley silver fifth - 5000
4 x 100 m Medley Relay - qual. - 64

Kaye Hall

Swimming (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1968 HP
100 m Backstroke gold 6400
200 m Backstroke bronze 2560
4 x 100 m Medley Relay gold 1600

Lars Hall

B. 1927-04-30, Karlskrona, Sweden
Modern Pentathlon (2 gold, 1 silver)
1952 1956 HP
individual gold gold 16000
team silver dnf 1010

The only repeat winner of the Modern Pentathlon was very lucky in 1952. The first horse that he'd drawn turned out lame, but the second one was the best horse in Finland. And then he turned up 20 minutes late for the shooting, but the competition hadn't started yet because of some Soviet protests.
He also became World Champion in 1950 and '51.

Sherman Hall

Olympic Competitor nr 5452

Heikki Hallamaa

Olympic Competitor 3370

Gösta Hallberg

Olympic Competitor nr 5819

Jón Halldórsson

Olympic Competitor nr 5502

Frank Haller

Olympic Competitor nr 2285

Georges-Joseph Haller

Olympic Competitor nr 345

Arthur Halligan

Olympic Competitor nr 4396

Born and died in New Zealand, but representing Scotland during his university days and Great Britain at the 1908 Olympics

Norman Hallows

Olympic Competitor nr 3423

George Hall-Say

Olympic Competitor nr 4882

Halmay Zoltán

In some sources his name is mentioned as:

Zoltán von Halmay

In Slovak sources his name is given as

Imrich Zoltán Halmaj

B. 1881-06-18, Vysoká Pri Morave, near Bratislava, now in Slovakia, then in Hungary; D. 1956-05-20, Budapest
Swimming (3 gold, 5 silver, 1 bronze)
1900 1904 1906 1908 bonus HP
50 yds Free-style gold 4800
100 m Free-style (bronze) silver silver 2700 13500
100 yds Free-style gold
200 m Freestyle silver 4000
1000 m Freestyle bronze 2560
4000 m Freestyle silver 4000
4x250 m Free-style Relay gold 1950
4x200 m Free-style Relay silver
10560 9600 4200 3750 2700 30810

According to the web-site for the Slovakian Olympic Committee, he was born in Slovakia, but they do not call him Slovakian.  Considering he died in Budapest and his first names are definitely Hungarian, he should be counted as an Hungarian.
At 50 yards at St-Louis, the judges could not agree on the result of the final, so a second race was swam. Charles Daniels came third.
He also won silver at 100 m at Athina in 1906.
The 100 m event at Paris is not listed in all sources, but seems to have been a separate, official event (Information supplied by the IASF, according to the Hungarian authors) The event is notably completely absent in Mallon.
Since Halmay was among the medals in the shortest event in all Olympics between 1900 and 1908, he certainly merits the extra 25% for the 100 meters.

Olympic Competitor nr 1270

Juho Halme

Olympic Competitor nr 3725

Halmos Gyözö

Olympic Competitor nr 6429

William Halpenny

Olympic Competitor nr 6358

although they came fourth, three athletes received a bronze medal (behind one gold and two silvers) in the 1912 pole vault

Thomas Halpin

Olympic Competitor nr 5592

Arne Halse

Olympic Competitor nr 2990

John Halstead

Olympic Competitor nr 3410

Wyndham Halswelle

Olympic Competitor nr 2874

Haluzsinszky József

Olympic Competitor nr 4344

Harald Halvorsen

Olympic Competitor nr 2398

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