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Charles "Archie" Hahn

B. 1880-09-14, Dodgeville, Wis, USA; D. 1955-01-21
Track and Field (3 gold)
1904 1906 HP
60 m gold 4800
100 m gold gold 9600
200 m gold 4800
14400 4800 19200

His time of 21.4 sec was an Olympic record until 1932, but that may have been because the race was run on a straight course. He was fortunate in his final in that three rivals were penalized one yard for making a false start after he had been somewhat restive on his marks. He won convincingly by three metres.
He also won the 100 m at the interim games of 1906. He was known as the 'Milwaukee Meteor'.

Olympic Competitor nr 1984

Norbert Hahn

Luge (2 gold)
1976 1980 HP
Doubles gold gold 16000

Partner of Hans Rinn at Innsbrück and Lake Placid.

Otto Hahnel-Kohout

Olympic Competitor nr 2887

Gustav Hæhre

Olympic Competitor nr 4609

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