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Evangelos Gerakaris

Olympic Competitor nr 191

Gerde Oszkár

Olympic Competitor nr 4191

Gerevich Aladár

B. 1910, Hungary
Competed under the name Gerei in 1936.
Fencing (7 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)
1932 1936 1948 1952 1956 1960 HP
Sabre, team gold gold gold gold gold gold 19200
Sabre, individual - bronze gold silver - fifth 21812.5
Foil, team - - SF:3rd bronze - - 845

Member of the Hungarian sabre team that won gold at Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Helsinki, Melbourne and Rome. When told in 1960 that he was to old to compete for a place in the Hungarian team, he challenged the entire team and defeated them all. At Rome, he missed the final by a single hit.
He was of course the oldest gold medallist at Roma.
His wife Erna Bogathy is part of three generations of medal winners. Her father Albert Bogen (1882-1961) was part of the Austrian Sabre team that won silver in 1912 (behind Hungary), she won bronze (under the name Erna Bogen) in foil in 1932, and their son Pal Gerevich (born during the Olympics in 1948) was part of the silver winning Hungarian Sabre team of '72 and '80.
This triple generation is not unique, but certainly rare. I have found two other occurences :

Peter Gerhardt

Olympic Competitor nr 5520

Povl Gerlow

Olympic Competitor nr 5290

Germain (1)

Olympic Competitor nr 1160

Germain (2)

Olympic Competitor nr 1574

Bernard Germeshausen

Bobsleigh (3 gold, 1 silver)
1976 1980 HP
two-man gold silver 13000
four-man gold gold 9600

In 1976, he was partner to Meinhard Nehmer in the 2-man crew, in 1980 they were in separate sleighs, and Nehmer finished third, Germeshausen second. They were twice in the same 4-man crew.

Ezio Germignani

Olympic Competitor nr 2701

Maurice Germot

B. 1882-11-17, France; D. 1958-08-06
Tennis (2 gold, 1 silver)
1906 1908 1912 HP
Men's Singles silver QF 4288.1
Men's Singles, Covered Courts R2 65.94
Men's Doubles gold 3600
Men's Doubles, Covered Courts gold 4800
7350 538.1 4865.94 12754.04

Olympic Competitor nr 2599

Georgios Gerontakis

Olympic Competitor nr 2446

Anton Gerrits

Olympic Competitor nr 3710

Georg Gerstacker

Olympic Competitor nr 5941

Laurent Gerstmans

Olympic Competitor nr 6170

Pierre Gervais

Olympic Competitor nr 414

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