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Georgios Gennimatas

Olympic Competitor nr 18

Richard Genserowski

Olympic Competitor nr 1100

Pierre Gentil

Olympic Competitor nr 5095

Randhir Singh Gentle

B. 1923, India
Hockey (3 gold)
1948 1952 1956 HP
Hockey gold gold gold 19200

An outstanding full-back for India, Independent SC (Delhi). He was also a remarkable scorer of penalties. At Melbourne, he deputised as captain in the absense of Balbir Singh, and he scored six goals including the decisive goal in the final against Pakistan.
In his autobiography, Balbir describes Gentle as "one who towered above the rest with his hard and yet clean tackling".
On retiring he proved an outstanding coach and prepared national teams in India, Malaya and Spain. He also became an international umpire.

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