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Olympic Competitor nr 1063

André Gaudin

Olympic Competitor nr 1420

Lucien Gaudin

B. 1886-09-27, Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France; D. 1934-09-23
Fencing (4 gold, 2 silver)
1920 1924 1928 HP
Foil, individual gold 8000
Foil, team silver gold silver 4500
Épée, individual gold 8000
Épée, team gold 1600

Gaudin had an extraordinary fencing career from 1904 to 1929, with a first World Title in 1905. He was however not selected for the Olympic Games in 1908, and French fencers did not compete at Stockholm, so he had to wait until 1920 for an Olympic appearance. At Antwerpen, he won team silver, but was wounded by an American, so again he missed out on individual honours. At Paris, after winning the team title, at which he contributed 22 wins out of 22, with 110 hits against 21, he felt an acute pain in his left hand, and once more he had to retire. He finally won his individual Olympic titles at Amsterdam, at the age of fourty-two. He was declared 'Hors Classe' by the French Fencing Federation, an honour never before bestowed on any fencer.

Giulio Gaudini

B. 1904-09-28, Roma, Italy; D. 1948-01-06, Roma
Fencing (3 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze)
1924 1928 1932 1936 HP
Foil, individual - bronze bronze gold 18000
Foil, team (fourth) gold silver gold 6607.5
Sabre, individual silver sixth 5800
Sabre, team silver silver 2000

This great fencer competed at four olympiads, from 1924 to 1936. He was also individual world foil champion in 1929 and 1934.
In 1924 he only fenced in one quarter-final match

Victor Gauntlett

Olympic Competitor nr 3182

David Gaul

Olympic Competitor nr 2128


Olympic Competitor nr 471

Albert Gauthier

Olympic Competitor nr 293

E. Gauthier

Olympic Competitor nr 3586

Louis Gauthier

Olympic Competitor nr 344

Jean-Guy Gautier

Olympic Competitor nr 1654

Louis Gautier

Olympic Competitor nr 4910

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