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Sante Gaiardoni

B. 1939-06-29, Villafranca, Italy
Cycling (2 gold)
1960 HP
Sprint gold 9600
Time trial gold 9600

Short and immensely muscled, he was one of a school of Italian sprinters. At twenty-one, he reached his peak at the Roma Olympics. As a professional, he was only able to win one world title, on sprint in Liège in 1963.
He retired in 1971 and married an opera singer.

George Gaidzik

Olympic Competitor nr 3541

Francis "Frank" Gailey

B. 1882-01-21, Sydney, Australia, living in California, USA in 1904, but most likely still an Australian citizen at the time.
Swimming (3 silver, 1 bronze)
1904 HP
220 yds Free-style silver 3000
440 yds Free-style silver 3000
880 yds Free-style silver 3000
1 mile Free-style bronze 1920

Some sources list this swimmer also in the 50 yards, in fourth place, but that is a mistake. That swimmer is David Gaul.

Olympic Competitor nr 2146

Virgile Gaillard

Olympic Competitor nr 1611

Georgios Gaitanos

Olympic Competitor nr 2796

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