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Frederick Freake

Olympic Competitor nr 542

Marcel Frébourg

Olympic Competitor nr 2622

Niels Christian Fredborg

Cycling (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1968 1972 1976 HP
1 km Time Trial silver gold bronze 24300
Sprint 11/14 QF 7th 1515.6

Karl Telford Frederick

B. 1881-02-02, USA; D. 1963-02-11
Shooting (3 gold)
1920 HP
Military Pistol sixth ? 640
Military Pistol, team gold 1600
Free Pistol gold 6400
Free Pistol, team gold 1600

(112 HP)

Frank Fredericks

Track and Field (4 silver)
1992 1996 2004 HP
100 m silver silver 8000
200 m silver silver fourth 10560

Even stranger than the fact that he won silver in every event that he ever entered was the fact that it was behind 4 different gold medallists (Christie, Marsh, Bailey and Johnson)

Holger Frederiksen

Olympic Competitor nr 2583

Ove Frederiksen

Olympic Competitor nr 5222

L. Frediani

Olympic Competitor nr 2698

Yngvar Fredriksen

Olympic Competitor nr 2390

Erik Fredriksson

Olympic Competitor nr 6126

Gert Fredriksson

B. 1919-11-21, Nyköping, Sweden, D. 2006-07-05
Canoeing (6 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1948 1952 1956 1960 HP
K1 - 1000 m gold gold gold bronze 43520
K1 - 10000 m gold silver gold 25200
K2 - 1000 m gold 4800
K1 - 4x500 m SF:3 68

Besides his Olympic achievements he also won seven gold medals in World Canoeing Championships, over 500, 1000 and 10000 meters. Seventeen years old when he began canoeing, his best competition years were stunted because of World War II.
No other canoeist has struck such fear into his opponents and none has been at the top so long. He had the remarkable capacity, rare in canoeing, of being able to attack at any point in the race, and his acceleration was phenomenal. Although in nineteen years there were defeats, he always sought an opportunity to meet the conqueror and none of these return matches was lost.
Member of Nyköpings Kanotklubbs, who claim to be the most successfull sporting club in Olympic history.

James Freeborn

Olympic Competitor nr 3287

Harry Freeman

Olympic Competitor nr 4909

Carlo Fregosi

Olympic Competitor nr 6470

Gustav Freij

Wrestling - Greco-Roman
1948 1952 1960 HP
-67 kg gold silver bronze 24300

With thanks to Stepas Misiunas from Kaunas for pointing me to his third medal. My source mysteriously lacks the 1960 lightweight !!

John Freitag

Olympic Competitor nr 1901

Thomas Fremantle

Olympic Competitor nr 3288

Charles French

Olympic Competitor nr 4329

Edward Frentz

Olympic Competitor nr 2208

Petros Freskalakis

Olympic Competitor nr 2699

Julius Frey

Olympic Competitor nr 1278

Konrad Frey

Gymnastics (3 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze)

(88 HP)

Sigismund Freyer

Olympic Competitor nr 6699

Philip Freylinck

Olympic Competitor nr 3461

Emil Freymark

Olympic Competitor nr 1965

Heinz Freyschmidt

Olympic Competitor nr 3540

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