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Thomas Flach

Sailing (2 gold)
1988 1992 1996 HP
Soling gold fourth gold 21600

Together with Bernd Jäkel and Jochen Schümann.

Edwin Harold "Teddy" Flack

B. 1873-11-05, London, England, UK, emigrated as an infant to Australia; D. 1935-01-10
Athletics & Tennis (3 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze)
1896 HP
800 m gold 6400
1500 m gold 6400
Marathon dnf 150
Men's Singles 1st rd 65.9
Men's Doubles bronze 1920

Although he competed in both tennis tournaments, he never won a single match.

He lived from 1895 to 1899 in London, so his trip to Athina did not take as long as could be expected for an Australian

Olympic Comptitor nr 21

R.H. Flack

Olympic Competitor nr 2245


Olympic Competitor nr 663

Léon Flameng

B. 1877-04-30, Paris, France; D. 1917-01-02
Cycling (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1896 HP
Time Trial, 333m fifth 1000
Sprint bronze 2560
10000 m silver 4000
100 km gold 6400

Olympic Competitor nr 100

Jim Flanagan

Olympic Competitor nr 1916

John Jesus Flanagan

B. 1868-01-28, Limerick, Ireland, emigrated to and competed for the USA; D. Ireland, 1938-04-04
Track and Field (3 gold, 1 silver)
1900 1904 1908 bonus HP
Hammer Throw gold gold gold 24000 48000
56-lb Weight Throw silver 3000
Discus Throw 7th fourth 2520
Discus Throw, freestyle 9th
10200 12000 7320 24000 53520
Tug of War (*) fifth 375
10200 12000 7695 24000 53895

The father of modern hammer throwing, Flanagan raised the world record in sixteen installments from 44.47m in Ireland in 1895(°) to 56.20m in 1909 after emigrating to the United States. His best Olympic record (1908) was 51.92m. He was fourth in the discus at St.Louis and second in throwing the 56-lb weight.
(*) He also helped the USA to second or third place in the tug-of-war in 1900, but this medal is disputed, as it appears that spectators helped the American team. Apparently the Americans only competed hors-concours against the winners, since they could not free themselves from the Discus competition, which was conducted at the same time. He took fifth place in the same event in 1908.
(°) Hammer throwing was not yet an Olympic event in 1896, so he was prevented from a possible fourth gold medal.

Olympic Competitor nr 786

Pat Flanagan

Olympic Competitor nr 2068

Flat Iron

Olympic Competitor nr 1826

Alfred Flatow

Olympic Competitor nr 118

Gustav Flatow

Olympic Competitor nr 119

Alfred Flaxman

Olympic Competitor nr 3734

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