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Conn Findlay

Rowing & Sailing (2 gold, 2 bronze)
1956 1960 1964 1976 HP
Rowing, Coxed Two gold bronze gold 28800
Sailing, Tempest bronze 3200

Conn Findlay lives out in Belmont, California and rents a few rowing shells to the high school program. He is a wonderful fellow and has some great memories of all those Olympics. Conn is one of only 2 persons to medal in two distinctly different sports in recent summer olympics. (the other being Roswitha Krause - swimming and handball) He coached at Stanford Univ for a number of years as well, and twice sailed on the winning America's Cup team (1975,77).

Severin Finne

Olympic Competitor nr 6153

George V. Finnegan

Boxing (1 gold, 1 silver)
1904 HP
Flyweight (-47.6 kg) gold 7200
Bantamweight (-52.2 kg) silver 4500

Olympic Competitor nr 2290

Parelius Finnerud

Olympic Competitor nr 6672

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