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Hugh Lawrence "Laurie" Doherty

B. 1875-10-08, Great Britain; D. 1919-08-21
Tennis (2 gold, 1 bronze)
1900 HP
Men's Singles gold 8000
Men's Doubles gold 4800
Mixed Doubles bronze 1560

Brother of Reginald Doherty.

Olympic Competitor nr 749

Reginald Frank ("Reggie" or "Big Do") Doherty

B.1872-10-14, Great Britain; D. 1910-12-29
Tennis (3 gold, 1 bronze)
1900 1908 bonus HP
Men's Singles bronze 2600
Men's Doubles gold gold 4200 12600
Mixed Doubles gold 4800
12200 3600 4200 20000

Tennis Player who, together with his brother Laurie (winner of gold at the Paris singles and doubles), played a major part in popularizing the game at a time when Wimbledon badly needed new heroes. Between them, the brothers won 17 Wimbledon titles in 10 years. RF also won three Olympic doubles titles.

Olympic Competitor nr 751

Marcel Dohis

Olympic Competitor nr 1573

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