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Joseph Dilg

Olympic Competitor nr 2332

William Harrison "Bones" Dillard

B. 1923-07-08, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Track and Field (4 gold)
1948 1952 HP
100 m gold - 6400
110 m Hurdles - gold 9600
4 x 100 m gold gold 3200

Inspired by the sight of the victory celebration for Jesse Owens following the Berlin Olympics, Dillard became a specialist high hurdler and, between May 1947 and June 1948, had eighty-two sprint and hurdles races without a defeat. In the 1948 US Olympic trials, he fell in the hurdles and failed to finish, but he did qualify as third string in the 100 metres flat. In an extraoridnary upset he won the final in London in 10.3 seconds, equalling Owens' Olympic record - particularly fitting since Owens had presented him with his 1936 Olympic shoes. In 1952, Dillard returned to his main event to win the high hurdles.

Gus Dillon

Olympic Competitor nr 4778

Harold, Viscount Dillon

Olympic Competitor nr 532

Baron Georges Arthur Dillon-Kavanagh du Fertagh

B. 1873-02-14, Nîmes, France; D. 1944-08-04
Fencing (2 gold, 1 silver)
1900 1906 HP
Foil, Individual 7th gold 7800
Épée, individual silver 3750
Épée, team gold 1200
Sabre, individual, one hit comp. 2.025
600 12152.025 12752

Olympic Competitor nr 248

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