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Kirsty Coventry

B. 1983-09-19, Harare, Zimbabwe
Swimming (2 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze)
2000 2004 2008 HP
100 m Backstroke 12th silver silver 8040
200 m Backstroke gold gold 12800
200 m Individual Medley 18th bronze silver 6562.56
400 m Individual Medley silver 4000
100 m Free-style 28th - 0.0256
50 m Free-style 36th - 0.00065

At Beijing, in the 200m and the 400 m medley, she swam faster than the existing world records but came only second, twice behind Stephanie Rice. In the 100m backstroke, she swam a world record in the semi-final, but again won only silver - she kept the world record though. Her fourth world record then finally provided her with a gold medal.

Paul Covert

Olympic Competitor nr 6543

Alessandro Covre

Olympic Competitor nr 6030

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