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Harry Coe

Olympic Competitor nr 3431

Sebastian Newbold Coe, M.P.

B. 1956-09-29, London, Great Britain
Track and Field (2 gold, 2 silver)
1980 1984 HP
800 m silver silver 8000
1500 m gold gold 12800

In 1979, he set three world records (800, 1500 and mile) within 41 days. By the Moskva Olympics, he had lost the 1500 m record to Steve Ovett, and it was expected that they would share the honours in the middle distance. When Ovett took the 800 crown however, Coe was determined to take revenge, and he did.
At Los Angeles, Coe again had to let the 800 go, but again he took the 1500 to become the first man to retain that title.
In 1981, Coe had set a World record at 800 metres, which by 1996 had become the longest standing in the record books, with even the Kenyans not nearing it by less than half a second (only LA Olympic champion Joaquim Cruz coming within 0.04 sec in 1984). The record was equalled by Wilson Kipketer in 1997.
In 1994, he entered the British Parliament.

Thomas Coe

Olympic Competitor nr 1305

Wesley Coe

Olympic Competitor nr 2062

Guillaume Coeckelberg

Olympic Competitor nr 3897

Léon Coeckelberg

Olympic Competitor nr 3445

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