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Henry Case

Olympic Competitor nr 2241

John Case

Olympic Competitor nr 6423

Kellogg Casey

Olympic Competitor nr 3281

Vera Cáslavská

B. 1942-05-03, Prague, Czech Republic
Gymnastics (7 gold, 4 silver)
1960 1964 1968 HP
Individual Combined 8th gold gold 13056
Team silver silver silver 3300
Vaults - gold gold 3200
Beam sixth gold silver 3450
Asymetrical Parallel Bars - gold fifth 1850
Floor Exercises - sixth gold 1760

She initially showed great promise as an ice-skater but she was invited in 1957 to take part in nationwide trials to find gymnastic talent. One year later, she made her debut at the World Chamionships, winning silver in the team event. Her first European title came in 1959 on the beam. By 1962, only Larissa Latynina stood between her and the individual world title, but at Tokyo, she was at her peak. In the 1965 and 1967 European Championships, she won all five individual gold medals.
In 1968, in Mexico City, she married Josef Odlozil, silver medalist of the 1500 m at Tokyo, but they would divorce in 1992 and in 1993 their son Martin would shoot and kill his father.
Just like Emil Zatopek, she supported the causes for freedom in 1968.  It got her into big trouble with the government, but after the collapse of socialism in 1989, she was appointed president of the Czech Olympic Committee and later became a member of the IOC.

Erwin Casmir

B. 1895-12-02, Spandau, Berlin, Germany, D. 1982-04-19
Fencing (1 silver, 2 bronze)
1928 1932 1936 HP
Foil, individual silver sixth fourth 9075
Foil, team R1:3rd bronze 649.1
Sabre, individual sixth fourth 2800
Sabre, team fourth bronze 1144

Gustav Casmir

B. 1872-11-05, Germany; D. 1910-10-02
Fencing (2 gold, 2 silver)
1904 1906 HP
Foil, individual fourth silver 6000
Épée, individual fourth 1800
Épée, team 1st rd 153.8
Sabre, individual, one hit silver 3000
Sabre, individual, three hits gold 4800
Sabre, team gold 1200
3300 13653.8 16953.8

Olympic Competitor nr 2162

Ernst Casparsson

Olympic Competitor nr 6542

Amos Casselman

Olympic Competitor nr 2204

André Castanet

Olympic Competitor nr 1045

Sofie Castenschiold

Olympic Competitor nr 5010

Joseph Castiglioni

Olympic Competitor nr 1062

Alfred Castille

Olympic Competitor nr 1082

Ferdinand Castille

Olympic Competitor nr 3570

Frank Castleman

Olympic Competitor nr 1980

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