Great Olympians

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Fabian Cancellara

B. 1981-03-18, Wohlen, Switzerland
Cycling - Road (1 gold, 1 bronze)
2004 2008 HP
Time Trial 10th gold 9750
Road Race dnf bronze 3840

Édouard Candeveau

B. 1898-02-11, Switzerland
Rowing (1 gold, 1 bronze)
1920 1924 1928 HP
Coxed Pairs bronze gold 12320
Single Sculls QF 947.1

In the coxed pairs, twice together with Alfred Felber.

George Cane

Olympic Competitor nr 4437

Fernand Canelle

Olympic Competitor nr 1609


Olympic Competitor nr 331bis??

This competitor was included in the MADMen database, but I don't believe he is a real addition but rather a misspelling of Paul Carrichon

Albert Canet

Olympic Competitor nr 5167

The time of his second match is not known, but it had to be in the afternoon, as he only won his previous round match the same morning.

James Cantion

Olympic Competitor nr 1680

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