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Everard Butler

Olympic Competitor nr 6835

Jack Butler

Olympic Competitor nr 3522

Thomas Butler

Olympic Competitor nr 4101

John Butt

Olympic Competitor nr 3209

George Butterfield

Olympic Competitor nr 3409

Harry Butterworth

Olympic Competitor nr 6581

He was born in Dunedin, New Zealand, and also died there, but he competed in 1912 for Great Britain.

Richard Totten "Dick" Button

B. 1929-07-18, Englewood, NJ, USA
Figure Skating (2 gold)
1948 1952 HP
Men's Singles gold gold 19200

The youngest olympic men's figure skating champion at 18 years and 202 days in 1948.
He once held a unique total of five simultaneous titles : the Olympic, World, North American, USA and European titles, (in 1948, when that was still open to all comers).
He was the first skater to perform a triple jump (three mid-air revolutions before landing). He also performed the first triple loop jump before the Oslo Olympic Games and began a new era of athleticism and jumping on skates.
After 1952 he turned professional and afterwards became a television commentator on skating.

Vladimir Butusov

Olympic Competitor nr 5225

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